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Trout caviar

Our Trout Caviar is a product of Denmark and consists of the roe of the Rainbow Trout. Although many believe that the Rainbow Trout is a selective eater, it is in fact a voracious predator and will eat nearly anything it can grab.  Even smaller Rainbow Trout are known to eat fish up to a third their own size (which can range from 6 to 16 inches). Rainbow Trout mature at around the age of 5 years, and have been known to live for up to 11 years.
Increasingly popular as a non-sturgeon alternative, Trout Caviar has a sweet, delicate flavour and a bright orange colour, similar to that of Salmon Caviar. Although the roe are smaller than those of Salmon, Trout Caviar has a well-defined texture and a bolder, richer taste.
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