Easy Order: Call us at 604 709 3634 from 11am-5pm Pacific Time to make your purchase. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We will confirm your order, delivery address, note your preffered delivery date, and schedule the FedEx overnight service for your parcel. All Caviars are packed over ice and shipped inside styro foam cases. IHOC uses safe & reliable Square Inc company to proccess all credit card orders. You can find information on Square Inc here: www.squasreup.com
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Why Us

The International House of Caviar Ltd. is the only licensed company in western Canada that focuses exclusively on the sale of caviar products for the domestic market. For over seventeen years, IHOC has imported sturgeon and non-sturgeon caviars from around the globe, and has distributed them throughout the country. 
All our caviars are inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and CITES requirements are met upon importation. When you Order Caviar from us, you can be certain of the authenticity and superiority of each product. 
Orders above $500.00 receive complimentary delivery via FedEx’s overnight service, where applicable—and as a gift, we are happy to include a complimentary 100gr. glass jar of our delectable Danish Trout caviar.
We are always here to help. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.
Since 1965, Variety - The Children's Charity has been raising funds to help improve the quality of life for BC's children. Variety has raised over $100 million, providing much-needed funding to over 2,000 children's organizations and to many individual families who have a child with special needs.
IHOC is proud to support this organization, by donating a small percentage of all caviar revenues starting October 2014, so they can continue to provide assistance and support to very special beings.
Our Warmest Regards,
IHOC Ltd. / 2014