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  • Neil Kipling Avatar
    Neil Kipling
    7/13/2021 - Google

    Great supplier and partner. Al & Behzad have supplied us with caviar for over ten years with no complaints, They... read more

    H P Avatar
    H P
    7/09/2021 - Google

    I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience dealing with International House of Caviar - they were... read more

    S K Avatar
    S K
    7/08/2021 - Google

    As a trading partner with International House of Caviar, I have nothing but good things to say.

    - They are quick...
    read more

  • Scott moorehead Avatar
    Scott moorehead
    7/07/2021 - Google

    My shop (Longliner Seafoods)at Granville Island Market in Vancouver,has been supplied with our caviar and caviar related products for many... read more

    David Dube Avatar
    David Dube
    7/07/2021 - Google

    We have ordered multiple times and the service has been fantastic.

    S L Avatar
    S L
    6/29/2021 - Google

    Great selection of luxury foods, and excellent customer service. Will definitely order again.

  • Maureen Gales Avatar
    Maureen Gales
    6/16/2021 - Google

    Behzad offers quality caviar and excellent service. His knowledge and product selection are by far the best in Vancouver.

    January Chi Avatar
    January Chi
    6/08/2021 - Google

    Quality, variety, and service are excellent. Worked with Samantha to get in a special delivery and she was accommodating, communicative,... read more

    Thorsten Bonn Avatar
    Thorsten Bonn
    6/08/2021 - Google

    I have been ordering with them for quite some time now and the service is superb. They usually deliver to... read more

  • Scott Baglee Avatar
    Scott Baglee
    5/11/2021 - Google

    Each time I order from IHOC the service gets even better then the last time which is already excellent. Superior... read more

    Ray Ogura Avatar
    Ray Ogura
    2/14/2021 - Google

    We own a a Successful Seafood store in Vancouver. Having been with IHOC for as long as I am able... read more

    Carl Bernat Avatar
    Carl Bernat
    1/12/2021 - Google

    This place is the best. Amazing service and the best product. Behzad is great to deal with and goes... read more

    1/09/2021 - Google

    Behzad the co-owner is an absolutely great guy and the service is 5 stars. Their selection is the best... read more

    Todd Avatar
    12/24/2020 - Google

    Amazing products and service that I can only express as 5 star. IHOC is our go to for caviar in... read more

    li chianti Avatar
    li chianti
    10/12/2020 - Google

    (Translated by Google) The boss is very nice~very real~ I will show you all good things~ until you find one... read more

  • Tayfun Atasoy Avatar
    Tayfun Atasoy
    9/22/2020 - Google

    I don't usually bother with reviews but this time I felt I had too, now that I found an amazing... read more

    Pablo Lefimil Avatar
    Pablo Lefimil
    6/27/2020 - Google

    Always great service, coupled with awesome selections! A great place for any caviar lover!!

    Ardeshir Avatar
    6/16/2020 - Google

    I own a catering company and on occasion I need to turn things around within hours. I needed caviar for... read more

  • G Vincent Avatar
    G Vincent
    6/11/2020 - Google

    I've been fortunate to have tasted superb caviar in my life and this ranks with the finest. The quality and... read more

    Ben Avatar
    6/10/2020 - Google

    Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent follow up on my caviar order. Even though my first order... read more

    Gerovie Davidson Avatar
    Gerovie Davidson
    6/07/2020 - Google

    Thank you for my order. Good customer service, swift reply. We will enjoy a jar or 2 on special occasion.... read more

  • Alex Lifeson Avatar
    Alex Lifeson
    6/09/2019 - Google

    For the past several years, I've ordered Northern Divine for New Years Eve as our year end treat. I... read more

    Rob H Cutler Avatar
    Rob H Cutler
    5/19/2019 - Google

    I’ve been enjoying caviar my entire life and to be able to find a reliable local source that can provide... read more

    Bob B Avatar
    Bob B
    4/21/2019 - Google

    I’ve been doing business with IHOC for over a dozen years and have never been disappointed. Selection is excellent as... read more

  • Arleen Fritz Avatar
    Arleen Fritz
    10/08/2018 - Google

    Fast service and product. Saw the program on cooking channel. They went above and beyond for... read more

    Byron Lee Avatar
    Byron Lee
    8/18/2018 - Google

    Very fresh caviar with excellent quality! Prompt delivery was a bonus. Definitely will purchase from IHOC again.

    Krista Lapp Avatar
    Krista Lapp
    4/12/2018 - Google

    Outstanding quality and service from IHOC. Always a pleasure to deal with.

The International House of Caviar Ltd (IHOC) is your Premier Caviar Supplier. First opened in 1997, IHOC has been providing the most comprehensive selection of premium-quality sturgeon caviar, non-sturgeon caviar, truffles, exotic spices, as well as an inclusive array of fine foods and condiments from around the globe. For over two decades, IHOC has brought these epicurean delights to the tables of our corporate hospitality partners; gourmet restaurants, five-star hotels and resorts, casinos; our retail partners; major box stores, specialty retailers, specialty on-line retailers; our catering and private chef partners; and to you- our discerning private clientele. From around the corner, to around the country, to around the globe- our reputation at providing the best caviar for the best price is unsurpassed. At IHOC we pride ourselves on the quality of our product, and the unmatched level of service.

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