Caviar is one of the finest delicacies known to man. It is the ultimate reflection of class, wealth and sophistication. It’s high in a number of vitamins and minerals and very healthy for you, but we bet you did’t know these facts about caviar!

1. Caviar is an older delicacy than you think

It was enjoyed by aristocrats and kings, ancient Greeks, Romans and Russian Tsars.

2. You don’t have to splurge to enjoy it

You can find reasonably priced caviar on the market nowadays as demand has grown, as well advances in technology and farming.

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3. Caviar has a long shelf life

Since it is salted, it is essentially cured, extending its otherwise short shelf life. Storing it in the fridge will help it stay fresh for approximately one month.

4. Caviar makes music

The friction from eggs rubbing against one another produces a very specific sound, similar to a cat purr. This sound is examined by experts to determine the grade/quality of caviar.

5. It’s an antidepressant

Caviar is known as an anti-depressant, and historically, used to be prescribed as one. The high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids help improve mood, suicidal tendencies, as well as anxiety.

6. The most expensive Caviar was

from a 100 year old sturgeon, and sold for the enormous price tag of $35,000 per kilogram. If that doesn’t guarantee quality, I don’t know what does.

7. Caviar has its own grading system

The lighter the eggs, the higher the price tag. The light eggs come from young fish while dark roe, from old fish. 0 is the grading for the darkest tone, 00 for medium tone, and 000 for the lightest tone. Light caviar has a smooth, silky texture while dark, old caviar has a rich and intense taste coveted by connoisseurs.

8. Caviar and metal don’t mix

Caviar is only to be eaten with a spoon made from mother of pearl, glass, crystal or gold. Metal is said to spoil its delicate and unique taste.

9. It’s healthy

Although high in sodium from the curing process, caviar is high in protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, selenium, iron and Vitamins B12 and B6!

10. Caviar and roe are two different things

The word caviar is used to describe eggs coming from a sturgeon fish (a fin fish). Roe is used to describe the eggs of a scaled fish like salmon or trout. Roe are the tiny orange eggs sprinkled on sushi.

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