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“All successful businesses operate with Integrity, they never mislead their customers. Fly by night companies misrepresent the source country of their products, surely this is in bad taste!”

The Ultimate Gift Box for Family, Friends & Business Associates


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      • Use code “local35” on the check-out page to receive free local delivery.
      • 7 days/week service available for: Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North & West Vancouver. Orders must be received by 11pm the previous night.
      • Please place your order online. We will send you a confirmation email once the courier is on his way.
      • Delivery times can vary, but most if not all will be completed by 6 pm.
      • Sending a Gift? Please use the “comment” section on the check-out page to include your special note.
      • Please always include the Buzzer number if applicable.
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