Osetra Sturgeon Caviar

Osetra Sturgeon Caviar, also known as Asetra Sturgeon Caviar, is derived from the roe of the Osetra Sturgeon. Alongside Beluga Sturgeon Caviar, it is one of the most expensive and favoured caviars around the world. Osetra, Ossetra, or even Asetra, is simply the Russian term for sturgeon; at one time “ossetra” referred solely to Russian sturgeon species harvested for this type of caviar. The Osetra Sturgeon can live up to 50 years of age, and it ranges in weight from 50-400 pounds. The colour of Osetra Sturgeon Caviar varies from a warm brown to a greenish-gray or black.


In comparison to the Beluga Sturgeon, the Osetra Sturgeon is much smaller in size, and Osetra Sturgeon Caviar has a firmer texture than that of the Beluga Sturgeon Caviar. Osetra Sturgeon Caviar is said to have a rich, nutty flavour and a firm bead. “Golden Osetra” is one of the rarest forms of Osetra Caviar; it has a golden-yellow colour and a rich flavour.

Due to the fact that the Caspian Osetra Sturgeon is nearing extinction in the wild, farming of this particular sturgeon is the only way to continue large-scale production of such a fine delicacy.


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