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Acquerello Carnaroli Extra Rice


Packaged by the Rondolino family – a family steeped in tradition, with a long-standing reputation in Italy since 1935 as dedicated rice farmers, their brand Acquerello is recognized the world over for its uniqueness and exceptional quality. Produced and packed at their family estate- Tenuta Torrone della Colombara Estate, in Piedmont’s Vercelli province, the Rondolino family has used an almost century-old family approach to rice farming, and combined their distinctive methods of production with extensive research and innovation to offer the world Acquerello.

The process of bringing Acquerello from field to table is an extensive process involving the right amount of aging, a patient refining method; as well as a patented enriching process. 

These stages of aging, refining and enriching are undeniably what makes Acquerello “tastier, richer and healthier.”

Acquerello rice is considered to be the best rice in the world and is served in the finest dishes, in the most-celebrated kitchens around the globe. Famous chefs, gourmands, food lovers and discerning palettes alike, agree, Acquerello is the only choice for rice. Touted as the “Rolls Royce of rice” according to globally renowned Monégasque chef, Alain Ducasse, this is not your ordinary rice.

Acquerello is vacuum-sealed and packaged in enameled tins to preserve quality and freshness. 

It is simply the “BEST” rice to use for Risotto and paella, Acquerello grains are always consistent and impeccably whole. Use Acquerello, the only rice that makes every dish stand out. 

It’s perfection in a grain!

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500 g tin     $17, 2.5 kg bag     $56

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