Beluga Sturgeon Caviar (Huso Huso), Italy


Producing some of the world’s most sought-after caviar since 1977, Calvisius has been synonymous with Craftsmanship & Sustainability, not to mention Quality in the Italian and global caviar marketplaces. Located in the Brescia province, in a small town renowned for its fresh spring water, Calvisano has been the home to Calvisius (named after the ancient noble Roman and great gourmet) for over 40 years.

Authentic and fresh, like the unique features of the waters in Calvisano; Calvisius caviar produces some of the most authentic, exquisite delicacies in the world.

For more than forty years, the expert craftsmen at Calvisius have shown the utmost in dedication, tradition, and attention to detail in every product they produce. Demanding palates the world over choose Calvisius- a true symbol of style- appreciated and enjoyed on the most prestigious tables around the globe.

Calvisius Beluga Sturgeon Caviar is the highest, premium-grade of caviar available. From the beluga sturgeon (species Huso huso); this caviar has large eggs (the size of a pea) with a prominent, darkened spot (called the eye). The eggs are clear, glossy and soft. They range in colour from faint gray-silver to black, with purple undertones. They have a buttery, very-faint ocean taste- something to be savored over and over again. Sustainably grown/farmed in Italy; Beluga is best savored with blini or toast points; adding accompaniments as desired:  crème fraiche, egg, chives, capers, shallots, or onions.

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