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Black Garlic Molasses

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Black Garlic Molasses is a dark, naturally sweet, rich syrup with the complex flavor of roasted garlic, nuts, and dried fruit.  Black Garlic Molasses is a unique ingredient for foodie or chef; because it adds umami complexity to almost any dish. You can use Black garlic molasses from the simplest to the most complex of dishes. Drizzle some to enliven your favorite appetizer or salad; or add it to your main course as a final garnish. It has a deep rich flavor- making it perfect for marinades and glazes- atop ribs, chicken or pork. Add black garlic molasses to soups or stews, or elevate your culinary horizons and take your instant ramen to the next level. Thick and rich with a sweet roasted garlic flavor profile throughout- it is the perfect harmony of savory and sweet, Try some today!

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