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Cardamom Seed 80g 24K


Cardamom is an extremely versatile and flavorful spice used since ancient time not only for its flavor in food, but also for its health benefits. It has a robust, appealing anise flavor- and is traditionally used as a sweetening agent in culinary applications as well as in beverages. An absolute essential in most Indian, Middle- Eastern, and Scandinavian households, Cardamom seeds are works of art. Green, paper-like, triangular-shaped seedpods packed with tiny, pungent black seeds- waiting to burst forth and flavor your next recipe or drink. All-natural, Cardamom is superlative for baking; use some the next time you make bread or cookies. Add Cardamom to flavor rice pilafs, or in sushi rice. Impress your next cup of coffee or tea, by adding cardamom. Cardamom pods/seeds can be chewed to freshen breath, or as a digestive aid- cardamom has a number of benefits with various uses prescribed in traditional medicine. Talk about your versatile spice!

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