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Caviar Giaveri Imperial Beluga (Huso Huso), Italy


This exceptional-quality Beluga caviar from Giaveri- a name synonymous with premium-quality caviar. Renowned all over Italy, Europe, and around the globe- for growing and producing some of the finest premium-quality caviars with care and integrity – Giaveri Imperial Beluga Caviar is served at the finest tables, in the finest restaurants, and enjoyed by the most discerning palates the world has to offer.

From the beluga sturgeon- (family: Acipenseridae, species Huso Huso), these impeccably perfect eggs are the largest of any other sturgeon species. The eggs are delicate but firm, and brownish-grey in color. They offer a buttery, nutty, slightly ocean flavor. Lightly salted using the Russian “Malossol” method- beluga caviar has been the favorite food of Tsars and European royalty for centuries. Introduce some royalty to your table today!

Giaveri – Russian Inspired, Italian crafted

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