Classic Amur Royal Kaluga, by Kaluga Queen, China


Known as the River Beluga, the Amur Kaluga sturgeon (species Acipenser Huso) is found in the Amur River basin in China; and is claimed to be one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Classic Kaluga Caviar is notably similar to Beluga caviar in size, taste, and color. Classic Amur Kaluga caviar eggs are typically 3mm in diameter (the size of a pea) with medium-large, robust, brightly glistening grains (eggs). Their color ranges slightly from steel-grey to black, and often have undertones of purple and/or olive green. From a flavor perspective, classic Kaluga caviar is buttery and nutty, with faint hints of brine. Classic Kaluga caviar is best savored with blini or toast points- or paired with a buttery croissant. Add accompaniments as desired: crème fraiche, egg, chives, capers, shallots, or onions.

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