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Coconut Oil 500ml Tropic Island


The newest trend- using Coconut oil for cooking and baking. Not only does coconut oil have a bunch of amazing health benefits- it’s also amazing for cooking. Extracted from the flesh of mature coconuts; this non-hydrogenated, saturated fat is healthier than traditional cooking oils or butter. In fact, it is among the healthiest foods on the planet. It is shelf-stable, and has a long shelf life, it is slow to oxidize and resistant to rancidification as well- making it ideal for daily, or long-term use. It is a healthy alternative to using traditional oils and butter without adding little or no flavor or aftertaste. It is perfect for Paleo or Keto diets; excellent for dairy or gluten-free diets; and can be added to almost any recipe. Try some with pancakes, mixed with rice, stir-fries, add some to popcorn; mix with honey to make a glaze for meat and fowl; use with curries, dips, and sauces; add hot sauce and use on chicken wings- the uses are endless!

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