Davinci Sturgeon Caviar, by Calvisius Italy


For over four decades, since 1977, Calvisius has been known the world over, for their premium-grade caviars and caviar products. Named Calvisius in honour of the ancient noble Roman and great gourmet- the company’s reputation in producing caviar excellence has been stellar in both the Italian and global caviar industry. The caviar is sustainably farmed by artisanal craftsman- using tradition methods, and modern infrastructure.  Calvisius caviar is always authentic and fresh.

From the Adriatic sturgeon (species Acipenser naccarii); an Italian sturgeon species native to the Adriatic Sea; this sustainably-raised sturgeon are slow growing- the females maturing around 12-14 years old. As a result, the caviar is mellow and fresh. The eggs (grains) are typically medium sized and characteristically brown to black in colour. Da Vinci Sturgeon Caviar has an intense, distinctive taste; especially smooth consistency, with a nutty, subtle brininess flavour.

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