Dried Wild Black Trumpet Mushrooms (2 oz)


Our Black Trumpet Mushrooms have sustainably foraged in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the US. Black Trumpet Mushrooms are winter mushrooms and are some of the most unique and flavorful of all wild mushrooms in the winter category. Black Trumpet Mushrooms are versatile, given their robust texture. Fresh Black Trumpets have a combined subtle earthy and sweet-fruity aroma. Black Trumpets are appealing to use because used fresh their subtle aroma and flavor do not overpower dishes; cooked trumpets have an intense, appetizing sharp nutty taste, with a deep complexity of earthy/woodsy highlights and sweet & fruity undertones. Grind Black Trumpets into a powder and use to spice and flavor vegetables, pasta, meats, soups, stews, or white wine. Sauté Black Trumpets with butter and fresh herbs and serve atop grilled meats and game, or mix with white wine and cream and add some to your next pasta dish. Celebrate with some today!

Storing and Handling Dried Wild Mushrooms:

  • Reconstitute dried, wild mushrooms by adding some warm water, wine or stock. Allow to re-hydrate for 15-20 minutes; then strain excess liquid and debris. 
  • Reconstituted yield is 6-8x dry weight
  • Store unused dried mushrooms in air-tight packaging to reduce exposure to unwanted moisture and keep in a dark areas out of direct sunlight.
  • Shelf-life if stored properly- wild mushrooms will last for several months.

Also Known As

Black Chanterelle, Trompette de la mort, Horn of Plenty
Year Round
2 oz
Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada
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