Dried Wild Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms (2 oz)


Wild Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms are easily distinguished for their bright golden-brown color and distinctive crimped/wavy edges on the crown. The peppery and subtly fruity flavor profile of Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms makes them desirable to chefs and foodies around the globe. These delicate mushrooms make a decadent addition to almost any dish. They pair well with fish, meats, and game. They add a rich texture to mushroom soups, and cream sauces. Sauté them with fresh herbs like thyme, tarragon, and chervil, and mix with butter, or white wine and cream and add atop risotto, pasta dishes or mixed in a casserole. Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms are exceptional additions to egg dishes- omelets, quiches, and frittatas. Spice up your next meal by adding some Wild Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms; you won’t be disappointed.


Storing and Handling Dried Wild Mushrooms:

  • Reconstitute dried, wild mushrooms by adding some warm water, wine or stock. Allow to re-hydrate for 15-20 minutes; then strain excess liquid and debris. 
  • Reconstituted yield is 6-8x dry weight
  • Store unused dried mushrooms in air-tight packaging to reduce exposure to unwanted moisture and keep in dark area out of direct sunlight.
  • Shelf-life if stored properly- wild mushrooms will last for several months.

Also Known As
Chanterelle Mushroom, Girolle
Year Round
2 oz
United States and Canada
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