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Wild Lobster Mushrooms are one of the most striking looking mushrooms you will ever come across. Recognized by their orange-reddish color, Lobster mushrooms grow in the fall and are vase shaped with a deformed (often broken looking) cap/crown; it has no gills. The texture of Lobster mushrooms is meaty and dense; and the aroma reminds one of actual steamed lobster- with a nutty, sweet seafood smell. Its this nutty and sweet aroma of Lobster Mushrooms that makes them prized by cooks and chefs in every kitchen. These delicate mushrooms are packed with firmness and crunch- just be careful not to overcook them. Use Lobster Mushrooms in place of actual lobster in a variety of dishes. Make lobster mushroom mac and cheese; sauté and add to risotto, pasta, or mixed in a stuffing. Add to soups and chowders, bouillabaisse, gumbos and paellas. Sustainably foraged in the Canadian and US Pacific Northwest.


Storing and Handling Dried Wild Mushrooms:

  • Reconstitute dried, wild mushrooms by adding some warm water, wine or stock. Allow to re-hydrate for 15-20 minutes; then strain excess liquid and debris. 
  • Reconstituted yield is 6-8x dry weight
  • Store unused dried mushrooms in air-tight packaging to reduce exposure to unwanted moisture and keep in dark area out of direct sunlight.
  • Shelf-life if stored properly- wild mushrooms will last for several months.
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