Dries Wild Porcini Mushrooms (2 oz)



Hailed as one of the most rewarding of all fungi in the kitchen, largely due to their versatility and taste; Wild Porcini mushrooms are typically described as nutty and earthy and have a dense meaty flavor and texture. Similar in taste to other, traditional mushrooms, but with a stand-out flavor that is deeper and nuttier. This intense, yet delicate flavor is rich and woodsy/earthy with subtle nutty undertones; making the porcini an absolute must for almost any recipe. Porcini mushrooms are robust and are “par excellence” for use in brown sauces, and stand up excellently to strong flavors like grilled steak or game meats. Often used in Italian pasta recipes, rice dishes, soups, and sauces; when dried, their deep “umami” qualities are concentrated and takes cooking to a whole new level. Add some Wild Porcini Mushrooms to your next meal- your taste buds with thank you!

Also Known As
Penny Bun, Porcino, Cep
Year Round
2 oz
United States and Canada
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