Farmed Steelhead Caviar, Natural Cure 4oz


Our naturally-cured steelhead trout caviar is sustainably farmed using care and integrity. Steelhead trout (species Oncorhynchus mykiss) are larger, more robust saltwater versions of rainbow trout which grow in freshwater lakes and rivers. Steelhead trout caviar is mandarin-orange in color, and the large, robust grains average around 4mm in size; slightly smaller than those of their cousin, salmon roe. In comparison, steelhead trout caviar has a well-defined texture, and a richer, bolder taste. Steelhead trout caviar has a semi-sweet, delicate flavor with briny undertones and the bright orange color brings attention to even the simplest dishes. The caviar is naturally cured using only the finest artisanal salt to maximize flavor. From sushi, eggs, potatoes, pasta dishes, and seafood- steelhead trout caviar adds rich intense color, and bold flavor. Try some today.

Storage Tips: The product is stored frozen and should be refrigerated upon delivery. Consume within 48hours of receiving to maintain optimal taste and flavor.

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