Foie Gras Lobe “Grade A” Frozen, Average Weight 1.35lb


Located in Quebec Canada, the Rougié family has been producing some of the world’s finest Foie Gras since 1875. Their secret to success has always been using passionate employees and pampered ducks and their Foie Gras is served in some of the finest restaurants, hotels, and palaces and sold in in luxury boutiques in 120 countries on 5 continents. 

All of their adult mulard ducks are raised on a 100% corn-fed diet without the use of hormones or antibiotics. The Rougié farms guarantee the highest quality of foie gras and mulard duck specialties to discerning chefs worldwide. Their processing facilities meet HACCP, CFIA and USDA standards.

You can add Rougié Foie Gras to produce delicate terrines, sauté medallions and serve atop risotto or crisp fresh greens; pan sear as savory steaks or serve some alongside fresh farmhouse bread, brioche or canapé crackers.

To Prepare  

Carefully separate the liver lobe by making angled cuts, approximately ½ inch thick on the smaller lobe first. Repeat on the larger lobe, laying the Foie Gras flat on a sheet tray. Working quickly to prevent softening or oxidizing, using a crisscross pattern, lightly score both sides of the Foie Gras slices, Season them with salt and sear both sides of the Foie Gras for approximately 30 seconds each side in a very hot skillet (or until a deep, amber color and caramelization is reached). Internally the Fois Gras should be medium rare.

To Serve  

Garnish the Foie Gras with zesty dried fruit or sweet berry jam and fresh farmhouse bread, brioche or canapé crackers. Accompany it with chilled crisp white wine, dessert wines or champagne.

Bon Appetit!

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