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Clovis FRANCE, located in the Champagne region of France, has produced fine mustards since the 19th Century. These 7 oz jars of gourmet mustard are perfect for French cuisine:


Green Peppercorn – This recipe takes Clovis’s amazing base mustard and adds the unique heat of green peppercorns. This mustard, with green pepper grains finely ground in traditional stone mills, guarantees an authentic and incomparable hot taste. Its amazing peppery flavor goes particularly well with fine cuts of red meat such as beef, veal, or pork.

Dijon – Characterized by a very high mustard seed content, this Dijon offers a hot and powerful mustard flavor. Made from experienced craftsmen, this popular condiment is wonderfully dry and rich tasting. Known for its widespread application on meat, fish, vegetables, seafood salads, and sauces, this delicious Dijon mustard is an inescapable classic for all kitchens!

Espelette – Espelette mustard is a nice balance of whole grain mustard with the added kick of ground Piment d’Espelette, the exceptional dried pepper from the Basque region of France. The mustard has a nice vinegar heat along with a deeper pepper flavor that adds both complexity and a lingering spice. It is perfect for finishing roast salmon or pork.

Walnut – The alliance of sweet mustard and walnut paste reveals sharpness and bitterness all at once. This nutty, full-flavored condiment is great with anything savory and may be used to season your sauces, mixed gizzard salads, foie gras, or even chicory salads. Spread it on sliced chicken, filet mignon, or grilled gruyere sandwiches for an unexpected enhancement of flavor.

Tarragon – A mustard that stands out for its strict and exclusive use of tarragon leaves, this product provides a suave, delicate, and natural taste.  The depth of the tarragon pairs perfectly with the bright tang of the base mustard, and makes for a perfect addition to roasted chicken. Tarragon mustard is also commonly used to enhance the flavors in mushroom dishes, or vinaigrettes.

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Green Peppercorn, Dijon, Espelette, Walnut, Tarragon


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