Grown off the Oregon Coast, using much less water than traditional wasabi growing techniques; our Eco-friendly Wasabi is grown using a semi-aquatic system that has less impact on the environment. 

When using Fresh wasabi, compared to processed wasabi paste or horseradish, keep in mind that fresh wasabi is not the same as horseradish. Fresh wasabi has a hint of fruitiness, and has a milder heat that dissipates- as compared to the overpowering assault on one’s senses and sinuses with traditional horseradish. You can make a paste by grinding the rhizomes.

From a health perspective, the benefits of eating wasabi are many, including it is a natural antiparasitic and detoxifies the body, it is helpful to the circulatory system, helps prevent cavities, reduces hypertension, assists with respiratory disorders, helps to fight cancer, fights colds,  and it helps to prevent food poisoning (detoxification).



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