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Ginger Marmalade 300g, Product of Japan


Another exceptional product from the family of growers at Yakami Orchards- upholding the traditions of producing quality citrus products for generations in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan. Hand-crafted using the freshest, quality ingredients- ginger root, cane sugar, and honey; Yakami Orchards Ginger Marmalade has ginger fans around the world rejoicing. The perfect compliment to any meal; serve it atop biscuits, scones, toast, or a buttery croissant. Fresh & Spicy, it adds that perfect zip to sandwiches, grilled cheese or as a burger topping. Dark gold with pieces of ginger root- it stands out on any cheese board. Serve as a glaze for grilled meat and fish, or to add some spunky, spicy freshness to your next cocktail. The possibilities are endless!

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