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Haku Smoked Shoyu, Product of Japan


Another exceptionally-crafted shoyu from the Haku family. Traditionally brewed using the Mushiro Koji process, and age-old tradition used by their ancestors, Haku Smoked Shoyu is first aged then undergoes a cold-smoked process- used exclusively by the master-craftsmen at Haku; that involves Mizunara Hard Wood, (a type of Japanese Oak) to introduce a dynamic, smoky flavor to the shoyu. Use Haku Smoked Shoyu as a finishing shoyu, or on its own.

Finely-crafted by the Haku family, renowned for making some of the best Shoyu for generations in Japan’s Kyoto prefecture; Haku shoyu is one of the most highly-regarded producers of extraordinary shoyu, thanks to their traditional preparation methods dating back 3000 years and authentic, exceptional flavor.

Shoyu- a Japanese-style soy sauce, made with a mix of mashed soy beans and wheat 

Shoyu can be light (usukuchi) or dark (koikuchi). 

The most exceptional Shoyu are ranked/judged based by certified seasoning sommeliers (industry professionals who passed an exam proctored by the Japan Seasoning Meisters Association), and it is typically judged based on the following 4 characteristics savoriness (saltiness), sweetness, fragrance, umami (fullness, or layering of flavors).

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