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Jack Rudy Bourbon Cherries, Product of USA


Inspired by their Kentucky heritage, Jack Rudy Bourbon Cherries brings together two exceptional ingredients: Kentucky bourbon and Oregon cherries- to produce the ideal garnish perfect for any drink (particularly drinks made with whiskey), or to enjoy themselves, as a stand-alone treat. Like all of Jack Rudy products, Jack Rudy Bourbon Cherries are hand-crafted in small batches in the US and sold by select retailers and enjoyed in bars/restaurants and by distinguished palates the world over.

Re-inventing the “long-forgotten staples of the American bar” and serving a drink like their great-grandparents enjoyed- is the Jack Rudy motto.    

The Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. produces finely-crafted cocktails and cocktail accompaniments using only quality ingredients; hoping to offer to the world a better, modern drink & accompanying bar products that are steeped in tradition and heritage.

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