Karat Osetra Sturgeon Caviar, Israel


Karat Osetra Sturgeon Caviar, imported from Israel; and produced by Caviar Galilee- spreading caviar joy to the world since 1992. Using genuine Russian sturgeon stock (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) fingerlings transported from the Caspian Sea and raised in the ice-cold, pure Galilee waters on their farm located near the main source of the Jordan River, Dan Springs- located just North of Israel- Karat’s ecological preservation specialists have greatly improved the overall developmental process of these magnificent fish.

The Caviar Galilee aquafarm is home to more than 500,000 Caspian Sea sturgeons – sustainably raised in natural, pristine, oxygen-rich water. The result- Karat Caviar is an outstanding example of the superior quality and taste achieved by properly breeding genuine Russian Osetra sturgeon.

Karat Osetra Sturgeon Caviar are medium-sized with lustrous, shiny pearls/grains. They range in colour from light to dark brown, with olive-green hues. The Caviar has a distinct, pleasingly nutty finish- an instant favourite for first-time caviar tasters, and inspiring loyalty from caviar aficionados the world over.  Premium-quality, freshness, and superlative flavor- make Karat Osetra Sturgeon Caviar a pure pleasure.

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