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Togo-Su Kurozu Apple Amber Vinegar is a superior-quality Rice Vinegar carefully aged, and artisan-crafted using brewing traditions from the Edo period (early 1800s) 200 years ago. 

Kurozu rice vinegars are naturally aged to increase and enhance the deep-amber colour as well as to soften the flavour, producing a sweet, caramelized finish. As a result, Kurozu rice vinegar stands out compared to traditionally-brewed rice vinegars in Japan.

Using just four ingredients: local organic brown rice, brown rice koji, apples and mountain spring water. Kurozu Apple Amber Rice Vinegar master-craftsmen combine these ingredients and store them in old-style stoneware pots to naturally ferment the product.  This process, typically undertaken in the spring or fall- when the sun isn’t as hot as the summer months- gently warms the pots during the day, while cool ocean breezes reduce temperatures overnight. This natural warming and cooling cycle lasts 12 to 18 months and is optimal for proper fermentation. Once the fermentation process is complete, the vinegar is then aged from 3 to 5 years to further enhance and mellow the overall flavor profile.

Kurozu Apple Amber Rice Vinegar has a delicately sweet flavor, not too tart, with the right amount of acidity. This seasoned rice wine vinegar pairs well with typically Asian-inspired dishes (particularly sweet-and-sour recipes) and is also exceptional for salad dressings, sushi rice, marinade, stir-fries, or to add a little sweetness atop French fries.

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