Mini Blini (Pack of 16) GMO Free, Product of France


Having a party and looking for the perfect go-to base for caviar, spreads, fruits & jams- nothing pairs better with caviar than our traditional Russian blinis.

Blinchiki (also known as blinis) are thin, crepe-like, mini pancakes originally from Russia.

Our Mini Blini are made with wheat flour and are GMO free, and are light and fluffy, savoury discs of delight. 

Traditionally served with sour cream, caviar, smoked salmon, or herring- they are extremely versatile and can be topped with anything you desire. Blinis are typically served chilled, but can be served slightly warmed or at room temperature; but once topped with ingredients, they are best served immediately

Use blinis as a base for canapes and hors d’oeuvres. Sweeten them up with jams, berries, honey, and chocolate. Stuff them and fold them with delicious mixtures inside. Use them as simple mini-pizza bases, or a twist on traditional Mexican fare. The possibilities are endless.

They come in packs of 16- so invite some friends over they’re perfect for sharing!

If you wish to serve the blinis warm, please use a pan to heat them. Avoid the microwave & oven, as these methods will dry out the product.

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