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Noble Handcrafted Black Truffle Juice (400 ml /13.5 oz)


Handcrafted Black Truffle Juice; another exceptionally-crafted product from the Noble line of truffle preserves.  Handcrafted for generations in Northern Italy, painstakingly harvesting only the most fragrant, sought-after truffles in the world. Extracted from fully-ripened black truffles; harvested in the summer; these fragrant truffles (often called black diamonds of the kitchen) are carefully cleaned and hand-brushed, then simmered slowly in small batches to preserve their distinct flavor and freshness. The resulting infused black broth- truffle juice embodies all the elements of the truffles it was derived from. Noble Handcrafted Black Truffle Juice has a mild, woodsy flavor; with hints of musk, garlic and chocolate. It is the perfect addition to a variety of recipes, primarily as a finishing agent or transformative ingredient. Add it to soups and broths, to enhance gravies and marinades; or added to creams and dressings. Use sparingly, drizzled over salads and pasta dishes; added to mashed potatoes, or scrambled eggs. 

Noble Black Truffle Juice is an exceptional product, made with the highest integrity.


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400 ml (13.5 oz)


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