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Noble Handcrafted White Truffle Oil (250 ml)


Handcrafted White Truffle Olive Oil; another outstandingly-crafted product from the Noble line of truffle preserves.  Handcrafted for generations in Northern Italy, meticulously harvesting only the most aromatic, sought-after truffles in the world.

Noble Handcrafted White Truffle Olive Oil is a sophisticated, bold and somewhat floral finishing oil and flavor enhancer. Noble truffle oils are made using the finest Italian olive oil infused with white Alba truffle. White truffles convey a slight garlic flavor similar to shallots; with a deep musky scent. Combined with the smooth and mild golden olive oil, which enhances the pungent aroma and subtle flavor of the truffles- this exception truffle oil can turn any traditional dish into a epicurean taste experience.

Noble Handcrafted White Truffle Olive Oil is a modern culinary ingredient designed to impart the flavour and aroma of truffles to a variety of dishes including pasta dishes, and pizza. The unique taste makes truffle oil ideal for aiolis and sauces, and it’s excellent in puréed foods such a mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.  A sprinkle goes a long way, so be sure to add Noble Handcrafted Black Truffle Olive Oil as a garnish to your starters like salads, hummus, and atop popcorn and French fries.  Your taste buds with thank you!


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250 ml


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