Noble Tonic 05: XO Refined Finishing Vinegar



The craftsmen at Noble, famous for their top-quality handcrafted products is proud to introduce. Tonic 05: XO Refined Finishing Vinegar. This revered vinegar is made using the very same bourbon barrels used to make Noble’s Tonic No1 Maple syrups. Noble XO is refined by extending the aging process of Noble’s Tonic 03: Maple Matured Sherry Bourbon Oak Vinegar. The extended maturation and all-natural water reduction of the vinegar allows for the bold rich flavors of the vinegar to shine through.  The result is a flavor profile consisting of audacious and deep flavors of sherry, maple, oak; with characteristics of vanilla and caramel, and tasty bourbon. Rich and concentrated, Noble’s Tonic 05: XO Refined Finishing Vinegar is luxuriously thick like syrup making it a versatile additive to countless recipes in any kitchen. Use it for dips and glazes, sautés and stir-fries. Aged to perfection- a flavor that is worth the wait!

120 ml
Noble Handcrafted
United States

Ingredients: Spanish sherry vinegar, Medium Amber grade maple syrup, Tuthilltown single grain bourbon, charred American oak.

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