Northern Divine Sturgeon Caviar (Certified Organic), Canada

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Northern Divine Sturgeon Caviar is sourced from the White Sturgeon, (A. Transmontanus). This caviar was introduced to the market in 2012 and is one of only two certified organic caviar’s in the world. Northern Divine certified organic caviar is produced in Sechelt BC, by Target Marine Hatcheries.
Brand: Northern Divine – Black label.


Available sizes: 12gr, 30gr, 50gr, 100gr, 250gr, 500gr, 1Kg & 1.8kg.

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12 gr, 30 gr, 50gr, 125 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr, 1 kg

2 reviews for Northern Divine Sturgeon Caviar (Certified Organic), Canada

  1. David Hulley

    When this Canadian entry was presented to the wine and culinary students at Niagara College it was preferred by 40% of the class. Specifically noted was the “creamy” nature of the caviar and the subtle flavours. This is an excellent beginning for those wishing to enter into the world of fine caviar and devotees will love the finesse.

  2. Robert Cutler

    I’m not a massive caviar consumer, it is and will likely always remain a very special treat in my household. I am thankful that I have now found a “great value for my money” in Northern Divine Caviar from IHOC. Northern Divine has become my favourite, not just because it makes financial sense but because I have grown to really love and appreciate it. Taste is a very subjective thing, but there’s no denying the buttery and lovely slightly sticky texture of these small dark delicious flavour bombs. This is a fabulous no compromise caviar that I love to pair with chilled vodka as either a prelude to a great meal to come, or just to spoil a friend or loved one from time to time. Just Divine! Northern Divine

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