Master-crafted by the Yamaki Company, Barley Miso is unlike any other miso you will ever eat. Barley Miso is fresh and alive, and is naturally fermented in hand-made cedar casks for a minimum of two summers, compared to other misos that are artificially-aged for mere weeks. Brewed using the freshest, rare mountain spring water to bring forth an unsurpassed umami flavor, Barley Miso is the very essence of excellence in miso.

This full-bodied, richly-flavored, savory miso is perfect as a staple in soups, sauces, dips, dressings and casseroles & stews. Barley Miso is full of health benefits; it is high in essential amino acids; and unpasteurized – so it maintains the living enzymes and beneficial bacteria that aid in gut health and digestion. Try Barley Miso with your next meal!

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