Produced by the master-craftsmen at the Yamaki Company, Ohsawa Organic Brown Rice Miso is produced under the same care and diligence as their other miso products. Ohsawa Organic Brown Rice Miso is naturally fermented in hand-hewn cedar kegs for no less than two summers. Compared to other misos; that are artificially-aged for mere weeks, additional aging brings about a richer, more full-bodied flavor. Brewed using the freshest, rare mountain spring water to bring forth an unsurpassed umami flavor, Ohsawa Organic Miso is “Miso Excellence”.

Ohsawa Organic Brown Rice Miso is a rich, well-aged, savory miso. Enhanced by the whole-grain brown rice undertones; Ohsawa Organic Brown Rice Miso is somewhat lighter and more sweet compared to Ohsawa Organic Barley Miso making it ideal in soups, sauces, dips and  dressings. 

Like other Ohsawa Organic Miso products, Ohsawa Organic Brown Rice Miso contains all of the same great nutritional benefits; high in essential amino acids; unpasteurized and loaded with living enzymes and beneficial bacteria that aid in gut health and digestion. 

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