Ohsawa Organic Nama Shoyu is unpasteurized, and is rich in lactobacillus and enzymes.

The shoyu is rich in color with delicate, complex flavors (compared to processed soy sauces). Ohsawa Organic Nama Shoyu is aged for a minimum of two years in cedar kegs and the spring water used to make this exceptional shoyu is touted by some medical professionals as having “beneficial effects” because it comes from a small Japanese mountain village called Kamiizumisui (also known as the “God Spring”).

Ohsawa Organic Nama Shoyu’s is smooth and subtle; with hints of both sweet and sour flavors and a divinely tantalising bouquet. Enjoy it as an all-purpose cooking and table sauce for all your dishes.

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148 ml (5 oz), 296 ml (10 oz), 947 ml (32 oz)


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