Organic Hojicha (roasted green tea), loose leaf, 50g, Japan


Organic Hojicha is traditional Japanese tea first created over a century ago. Hojicha is unique in how it is made- roasted at high temperature over open charcoal in a traditional Japanese porcelain pot- rather than steamed like other teas. The intense roasting of Organic Hojicha produces a remarkable rich reddish-brown color. It has a mild earthy, nutty flavor- with hints of sweetness and floral undertones- making it an exceptional tea to enjoy throughout the day. Low in caffeine compared to other green teas, Organic Hojicha is an excellent “starter” tea for those new to green teas. Packaged loose leaf in a fashionable tin to preserve freshness.

Item dimensions: 3 x 7 x 3 in
Item weight: 5 oz
Certifications: Certified Organic – USDA

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