Organic Smoked Sturgeon, Product of British Columbia


Northern Divine is the only certified organic caviar in North America. It is a Fraser-river sturgeon (species Acipenser transmontanus), that is ethically, sustainably farm-raised in Sechelt, British Columbia. Northern Divine Sturgeon are Ocean Wise, Sea Choice, and CITES compliant, guaranteeing a 100% certified, sustainable product.

Proudly Canadian, the quality of the farm-raised sturgeon is superior. Raised in pristine groundwater, on certified organic feed without no added hormones, GMO, antibiotics, or pesticiides. 

The sturgeon is hand-filleted into thick pieces, dry-cured, and then smoked using a custom-blend of local hardwoods- allowing the harmonious blend of flavours to seep into the fish.

The canned, smoked sturgeon is pearly-white in colour with a golden finish. It has an opulent buttery texture, and delicately subtle, moist, enchanting taste that melts in your mouth. It is a healthy and simple way to enjoy fresh and flavourful dishes that are full of protein, and rich in Omega 3’s.

You can savour some on a blini or a sliver of toast; or it’s wonderfully paired with cheese, seafood, or a meat platter. It’s ideal for salads, pastas, casseroles, wraps, and crackers.

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