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Osetra Caviar, by Calvisius Italy


Calvisius has been producing some of the finest, premium-grade caviars in the world since 1977. Named after the ancient noble Roman and great gourmet (Latin- Calvisius), the name has come to represent excellence in the Italian and global caviar marketplaces. The caviar is sustainably farmed by established craftsmen in a small town celebrated for its fresh spring water, Calvisano, which is located in the Brescia province. Like the unique features of the waters in Calvisano; Calvisius caviar is Authentic and Fresh.

For more than forty years, discriminating palates from around the globe have chosen Calvisius- a true symbol of style– for all of their caviar needs.

Calvisius Osetra Caviar is from Russian sturgeon (species Acipenser gueldenstaedtii); this caviar has moderately-sized eggs that diverge in color from gray to grayish-green, to brown eggs (depending on the maturity of the fish- typically 11-13 years old). The eggs are clear, glossy and medium-soft. The caviar has a nutty, woodsy, flavor with a hint of brine. Every taste a delight! 

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