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Premium Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar, Kaluga Queen, China


Premium Kaluga Caviar from the illustrious Amur Kaluga sturgeon (species Acipenser Huso)- known as the “River Beluga” produces some of the largest, most sought after caviar in the world. Grain sizes range between 3.3mm- 3.6mm (pea-sized), with a prominent darkened spot (called the “eye” and these large, glistening, clear-bright grains are notably gun-metal gray to black in color, with hints of olive and blackberry (purple). Premium Kaluga Caviar possesses a creamy, walnut-like flavor, with a slight oceanic (briny) sharpness. Premium Kaluga caviar is ideally served with soft bread (blini, croissants) or toast points. Pair with a crisp Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, or dry Champagne. 

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