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Scallop & White Miso Ramen Base

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Tsuki Scallop & White Miso Ramen Base uses only the finest-quality ingredients allowing you to create an authentic, home-made, wonderful bowl of ramen – restaurant-quality- at home. A strong foundation is the key to any enjoyable recipe; and we start by recreating the finest hand-crafted broths made by Ramen Masters. Tsuki Professional Ramen Base combines all of the sought-after traits of exceptional-quality ramen- to satisfy even the harshest of ramen critics. Tsuki Scallop & White Miso Ramen Base is hand-cafted with the perfect amount of fat content; combined with fresh seared scallop and braised pork flavor. We have added thoughtful flavors of lightly-fermented soybean and spice to provide a luxurious mouth-watering flavor and texture that you can dilute to meet your desired palate. We’ve provided the perfect base- All you need to do is to make it your own- adding your favorite protein and vegetables. Exceptional for anyone short on time, who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality and flavor!

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