Sevruga Sturgeon Caviar, by Calvisius Italy


Calvisius has been providing local and global caviar markets with premium-quality caviar and caviar-related products since 1977. Steeped in tradition for the greater part of forty years, the skilled craftsmen at Calvisius have dedicated themselves, and their craft to producing some of the finest caviars to grace the most respected tables in restaurants, hotels, palaces, and in every-day family homes. Calvisius is caviar greatness!

Calvisius Sevruga Sturgeon Caviar (species Acipenser stellatus) from sturgeon typically matured for 6-7 years. Good things come in small packages- Sevruga caviar is packed with flavor- a true epicurean delight. Sevruga has small-medium, slightly opaque grains that are black in colour.

Enjoy some Calvisius Sevruga Sturgeon Caviar on its own or serve it alongside your favourite recipes: try it with seafood, pastas, egg and potato dishes, tapas, even add some to pizza.

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