Siberian Sturgeon Caviar by Giaveri, Italy


From the prestigious Giaveri sturgeon aquacultures; Siberian Caviar (family: Acipenseridae, species Acipenser Baeril), is Russian-inspired caviar, finely-crafted in the heart of Italy. Traditionally raised in the cold waters of Siberian rivers, Siberian Sturgeon are notoriously known for their sharp, rich-tasting caviar. Appreciated by connoisseurs from every corner of the globe for its medium-large dark sultry-colored black grey/black grains (2.8mm). Fresh and pleasant tasting, with a brisk oceanic base- Siberian Caviar is lightly salted (Malossol) to maintain the flavor profile. Excellent on its own with blinis, or toast points; Siberian Caviar is excellent atop canapés, or served with fresh smoked salmon. 

Giaveri -Russian Inspired, Italian crafted

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