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Wild Golden Char Caviar, Smoked Cure 4oz & 8oz, Product of Canada


Golden char caviar, from sustainably caught char (species Salvelinus alpinus), is lightly smoked using fleur de sel, to bring about a delicately balanced, hickory-smoky flavor with mild ocean undertones. Caught and packaged fresh (same-day), the eggs have a pronounced nutty taste, with a subtle creaminess. 

The firm robust grains (eggs) are golden yellow and comparative in size to sturgeon caviar eggs (3-4mm)- making Wild Golden Char caviar the perfect accompaniment to your next dinner party. This one-of-a-kind sensational caviar is exquisite on its own, served atop a toast point or blini. It brings canapés and egg dishes to life- brightening up any plate, and pleasing even the most discerning palates. 

Storage Tips: The product is stored frozen and should be refrigerated upon delivery. Consume within 48hours of receiving to maintain optimal taste and flavor. 

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4oz     $115, 8oz     $195

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