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Yuzu Marmalade 300g, Product of Japan


Made with integrity by Yakami Orchards, the family of growers located in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan, who have been upholding the traditions of producing quality citrus products for generations. Yuzu marmalade is a traditional marmalade, made with simple ingredients: combining ripe, fresh Yuzu fruit, cane sugar and honey.  Although made with simple ingredients, it is anything but simple. It is a wonderful addition to all meal service- breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, mains and entrees, desserts, and petit fours. Yuza marmalade is a must-have for the finest cheese boards. It is the ideal breakfast companion atop French toast, or pastries. It pairs perfectly with fois gras, its rich gold appearance brings any dish to life. Its bright floral, tart characteristics add the perfect flavor to your next grilled cheese sandwich. Yuza marmalade is excellent in pork or fish marinades, it is a delightful glaze for steamed fresh vegetables, or baked with brie or camembert cheeses. Enjoy some Yuzu Marmalade today. 

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