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Yuzu Miso – Chunky White Style, Aged 3 Month, 160g


Namikura Yuzu Miso, another exceptional product from the Namikura Miso Co, family-owned and producing the finest-quality miso products for over five generations. Highly respected and renown in Japan and around the world for product quality, Namikura Yuzu Miso is coveted for its incredible depth of flavor and superb texture.  Hand-crafted with care, the production of Yuzu Miso, like all of Namikura products- the family takes great pride in being personally involved in every level of production- from personally hand selecting local ingredients- overseeing the brewing and production process-to product packaging and delivery.

Also known as sweet or mellow miso- white miso is typically fermented for a shorter period and is less salty than darker varieties of miso. Namikura Yuzu Miso is aged for only three months offering a milder, more delicate adaptable flavor. Fermented with hearty chunks of yuzu fruit and yuzu zest allows the floral aroma and bright, semi-tart yuzu flavor to come through. Namikura Yuzu Miso is an exciting, fresh, adaptable miso that can be used in a variety of culinary applications; such as dressings and vinaigrettes; drizzled atop freshly baked fruit cobblers; mixed in with mashed potatoes or yams; drizzled over sautéed vegetables; or added to soups, stews, noodles and dumplings. 

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