Scandinavian way of Eating Caviar in Canada!

It’s not exactly news that people possess different tastes for food, among other things. It’s equally unsurprising that different countries have different versions or different ways to consume food that are well-known to us. What if we told you that there was a way to indulge in your caviar craving in the morning? And in a way that doesn’t mean opening up a new container of caviar in Canada? That’s where caviar paste or spread comes in. It’s perhaps almost unthinkable to have your caviar this way in Canada, but for people in Norway and Sweden, as well as other parts of the Scandinavian region, it’s actually quite normal. It should be noted that Scandinavian supermarkets actually carry tubes that contain different types of food. It’s not an unusual sight there as it would be here in Canada, for example. One food blogger in particular even called caviar in tube form as a national institution. This spread is typically eaten on a bread, usually during breakfast time. But oftentimes people also consume them for lunch on top of their bread and slices of boiled eggs. They don’t even use a knife to spread the paste on their bread, they squeeze it straight from the tube and onto the bread. These tubes of caviar are such favorites in Sweden and in Norway that it has been said the people have taken them when they go on holiday. Have we piqued your interest with regards to these Scandinavian treats? We actually have this available in our store. This particular caviar creme that we have in stock is made from Cod and can be found here. Of course, despite this alternative way to enjoy caviar, there’s really no way to beat the real thing. And even the people in Sweden who are passionate about these tubes of caviar are even more passionate about it in its true form. So whether you’re a caviar lover in Canada or somewhere in Sweden or Norway, you can check out our stock of authentic beluga sturgeon caviar or premium osetra sturgeon caviar in our online store. 

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