Date: October 31, 2017

Caviar Tasting through Sensory Analysis

Caviar Name Country of Origin Type of Fish Grade of Caviar
Trout Caviar Denmark Rainbow Trout First


Egg Size Egg Colour Egg Lucidity Egg Uniformity
Medium Size of a peppercorn Mandarin orange Clear pastel orange orb with a bright tangerine orange “iris” Perfectly bright, shiny, fresh, great light refraction Excellent


Intensity Characteristics Aromas Faults (volatile aromas)
Low Sea breeze, hint of stone fruitiness No


Primary tastes Intensity of Flavours Texture and Finish
Briney Mild anchovy Moderate to pronounced saltiness Intense but medium to short lived Robust membrane

Concluding Observations

Impressed with this caviar “visually amazing“ pleasing nose great for an impressive culinary garnish Excellent with smoke salmon or cream cheese and blini
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